10kW Enphase Battery System


Solar Panel
Rail Kit
Timer Relay Setup
1 × Timer Relay Setup
Height Charge Two Story
1 × Height Charge Two Story
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10kWh per day 3650kWh per year

13.5kWhr @ 6500 cycles

5kW Discharge


15 Year Micro Inverter Warranty

25 Year Panel Warranty

10 Year Battery Warranty

25 Year Performance Guarantee

5 Year Installation Warranty and Service Guarantee

5 Year Production Guarantee


Elevate Your Energy: 10kW Enphase Battery System – Unrivaled Quality, Safety, and Reliability

Step into the future of solar energy with our 10kW Enphase Battery System, featuring cutting-edge Enphase inverters and batteries. Offering the epitome of quality, safety, and reliability, this system is designed to exceed your expectations and power your home efficiently.

Why Enphase Inverters and Batteries?

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Enphase sets the standard with its cutting-edge technology, ensuring your system is equipped with the latest innovations. Experience unmatched efficiency and performance driven by continuous advancements.
  • US Product Base: Trust in a brand that prioritizes quality. Enphase’s US product base guarantees meticulous manufacturing standards, delivering a product that meets the highest levels of reliability and excellence.
  • Safety Redefined: Enphase stands as the safest solar manufacturer in the industry, thanks to its revolutionary AC technology and no single point of failure approach. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your system is designed for maximum safety and reliability.

Why Choose Ecoelectric for Installation?

Ecoelectric, with 15 years of solar expertise, is your ideal partner for cutting-edge solutions. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Brand Relationships: As a key player in the industry, we’ve fostered strong relationships with leading brands like Enphase. This ensures you have access to the latest and most innovative technology available.
  • Production Guarantee: We stand by our work. Our 10kW Enphase Battery System comes with a production guarantee, assuring you of the energy output you expect. Rely on us to deliver on our promise.

Whole-House Backup with Simultaneous Charging

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with our 10kW Enphase Battery System. Enjoy whole-house backup, allowing you to power essential appliances simultaneously while your batteries charge. Achieve continuous energy independence without compromise.

Choose Excellence, Choose Ecoelectric

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Power your home with the 10kW Enphase Battery System, a harmonious blend of Enphase’s cutting-edge technology and Ecoelectric’s expertise. Join the energy revolution and make the switch to excellence today.

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