22kW Car Charger Station | Fronius Vehicle Charger


Supply Circuit
Charge Cable
EVSE Type 2 Charge Cable
1 × EVSE Type 2 Charge Cable | 5m EV Lead
Energy Meter
Required for Solar Surplus
Fronius Energy Meter 1P
1 × Fronius Energy Meter 1P | Single Phase Energy Meter
Fronius Energy Meter 3P
1 × Fronius Energy Meter 3P | Three Phase Energy Meter
Data Manager
Required for SS if you dont have a Fronius Inverter
Fronius Data Manager
1 × Fronius Datamanager
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22kW Car Charger
Three Phase or Single Phase
2 Year Warranty


This 22kW car charger is a fully featured charger aimed at top up or overnight charging for small to large size vehicles. It will run off a single or three-phase power supply and is suitable for installation into residential homes.

It can also be used to perform advanced functions such as solar surplus (with Fronius energy meter, data manager and solar inverter), tariff optimization and RFID access for multi user solutions.

Fronius Wattpilot ADAC Award

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