Micro PV


Mismatch and Shade Tolerant
Upgrade and Design Freedom
No Single Point of Failure
Modular Battery Path
Zero Export and RPC Enabled
High Level Logging System
Maximum Safety

Why are AC micro inverters so different to string inverters?

AC micro inverters are small units which fit under 1 or 2 panels converting the DC voltage into AC whilst still on the roof. There are many advantages to a micro inverter as each panel is individually ‘tracking’ rather than working as a group. The units also have a slightly higher efficiency and many additional safety features.

Enphase Shading Advantages

We recommend AC micro inverters for situations which have difficult shading patterns, or for any residential install which isnt considering backup power.

Are you shopping for a smarter PV system? Ecoelectric have a range of ac micro inverters on offer either as a new installation or as a retro fit.


There are clear reasons why micro-inverters have taken most of the US market, and in that market Enphase are it. Enphase Energy provide the next level solution which solves many of the common problems associated with PV and maximizes both production and clarity in the same simple solution.

Enphase Micro Special

Whats our best advice? Give us a call and we are happy to take a look and let you know which is the most suitable arrangement for your situation. Micro inverters have come down in price and are now offering features such as modular batteries and zero export functionality. As with any energy proposal it depends on your situation.

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