Winaico are a somewhat unique offering in the solar market – their key selling point revolves around the ongoing dilemma of warranties for solar systems both residential and commercial.

Many purchasers of cheap solar systems have found to their dismay that their warranty is worth little more than tissue when something goes wrong. History has also proven that even when purchased through major players things can go wrong when products are suddenly recalled or installers go out of business.

Enter Winaico’s insurance option packaged into the price of the panel.

If you have ever wondered why a Winaico costs a little more – then here is why. These panels offer not only an initial 8 year manufacturers warranty on the panel – but also on the entire system. And the beauty of this warranty? Its backed by a third party insurance company specific and local to our area. So if youre installer disappears (we hope not!) or the inverter company goes broke – or whatever it may be – your Winaico solar system will be protected – and if its a hybrid system it even covers the batteries!

The panels themselves as you can probably expect from a company this concerned about performance are exceptional. Manufactured to a high standard you can be assured that the system will perform for years to come – and if it doesnt? Well you can sleep soundly knowing that you have the strongest warranty in the business!

The whole of system warranty comes packaged into the system price and can be extended to 12 years if desired. Contact us about a Winaico solar system today or browse our online store.