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Solar maintenance for PV and hybrid systems including panel cleaning and compliance checks.

Did you know that a panel can loose on average between 5 and 10% of its output from dust? This is generally taken into account when calculating a systems output which is why your initial results can be more impressive. However after a year or so of residue build up from dirt or the occasional bird droppings panels can drop their output significantly.

Are you concerned about the seals or enclosure integrity?

It astounds us what qualifies as a ‘roof penetration’ out in the field. In the solar industry it can mean shoved under a tile or a bit of silicon on the roof. In building terms it means a dedicated penetration sealed by both industrial roof grade sealant and a deck tie.

We can check and if necessary replace your roof seals thereby ensuring that it cannot leak. We can even check the integrity of your aerial or roof top condenser penetration on the same run.

IP enclosures can also become exposed to the elements – often through the door on the front of the enclosure or through screw holes in the back. Some can simply decay in the sun. These enclosures are the MAIN CAUSE OF FIRE from solar PV in Australia. We vigorously check their installation and install metal sun shields over the isolators thereby offering some protection from the elements.

Is your output lower than expected?

We see a lot of incredible designs – panels split over multiple faces via one tracking channel – panels at different angles and sideways on roof tops – invertor operating ranges incredibly out of match. If your system fails the average daily production calculation and has no shading issues then chances are its designed incorrectly.

Roof and solar maintenance?

Does your solar system need to be removed for roof maintenance? We have experience working with a number of roofing companies taking down, re installing and re commissioning solar systems.

Solar Repairs?

Has your cabling been damaged by vermin or other works? We can repair any solar system issues and re commission the system on the spot – if the sun is on of course! Have your solar system repaired by specialists and get some free advice on the spot.