Solar Guys Closed and in Receivership – Warranty Lost

It was with great surprise that we browsed across a key competitor’s site this morning to see that they have fallen victim to the latest DC isolator recall. The Solar Guys were one of the longest standing and most reputable solar companies in Brisbane illustrating just how difficult it can be to choose a long term supplier for your solar system.

What has become apparent from this is that every component in a solar system must be backed by multiple tiers of warranty ensuring that should one part of the chain fail – that the others will hold it in place.

We recommend your isolators are made by ABB.

ABB have been manufacturing and backing electrical products for more than 120 years and are one of the largest electrical companies in the world. Furthermore their DC experience is based on industries such as mining, rail ways and industrial battery systems ensuring that their products are built to exceed the conditions commonly found in a solar installation.

With The Solar Guys closed there are now hundreds of solar systems without warranty and carrying defective isolators already proven to have a high risk of fire. If you need your Advanco, NHP or DKSH isolators replaced because your solar company went broke contact us to ensure that your replacements are made and installed to the highest levels of quality.

For people considering purchasing a solar system it is important that you look at the warranty of each component including electrical kit, mounting system, solar panels and inverter. With some manufacturers such as Winaico it is possible to obtain a whole of system warranty thereby comprehensively protecting your investment.

We also recommend working with companies that are working across a section of the electrical industry thereby ensuring that they are not reliant purely on solar and hybrid cash flow.