Hybrid Proprietary Bus Systems

Automate your Home or Office with KNX

Looking to build an integrated home using building or smart home automation?

Activation triggered from a properly designed system brings presence modes to the experience – almost removing the need for switching all together.

Automate your home or building with customized switching and controlled lighting.

Tailored to your personal light, time, presence or other requirements the building switches between modes activating different levels of lighting, HVAC, blinds, security, watering and other systems. Interfacing with production facilities such as solar PV and or hybrid the system can perform and monitor load control and all other functions to tablets and mobile.

We specialize in the KNX protocol the world’s most recognized and powerful home and building automation standard. With certification and practice we can design and install your system from remote guest house to campus and high rise.

Ask us for a design assessment and find out what is possible today.


Ecoelectric are certified KNX integrators and are one of a few companies able to offer a complete KNX solution in Brisbane. Starting with practical applications such as scenes and timing functions KNX can be used to control switching and dimming, blinds and fans, air conditioning control, movement and presence sensing, sprinkler control, power monitoring and weather monitoring.

KNX offers a high degree of logic between inputs and outputs internal to many devices but can be expanded into a full visualization solution with virtually limitless possibilities. Ice Bear can integrate the whole lot into ONE screen or app.

The base of any smart home in today’s age is a strong wireless and network system. Ecoelectric can ensure your connection is properly configured to make ‘downtime’ a thing of the past. This includes items such as ip and dns settings for Netflix and Hulu ready to go. We also port forward your cameras and other software to enable remote access and can take care of setting up your networking system.

Lead ins and service configuration
Routing and switching
Wireless extenders and access points including mesh networks
NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Smart Home

We recommend Synology NAS for home media serving use. In particular the DS214Play is a standout device offering a massive library of applications including DVR recording for security cameras and a download center neatly linked to a whole host of torrent servers. The NAS stores and serves all media to all devices and enables easy NAS access through both Android and I Phone apps. Scroll through your library on your phone – and then tell it to play to any device on the network. The NAS handles camera duties in detail with full recording and movement detection capability. All cameras can be checked via an app or on the network.

Synology NAS are generally run in ‘RAID’ configuration thereby literally doubling or ‘double striping’ your data. Worrying about backups becomes a thing of the past.

For network and wireless services we can supply and configure products from brands such as Netgear and Cisco to ensure your network is so consistent that you never think of it again. We can also install true mesh based wireless access points by Cisco Meraki, Aruba, emGenius or Rukkus ensuring that you have a seamless wireless experience across the entire home or building. All three manufacturers offer and excel in the latest 802.11ac standard designed to cater for wireless including seamless VoIP on the run.

Ecoelectric will supply back ups of configuration settings and network schedules showing addresses and port settings via Google Drive. All systems are linked into a ‘house or building’ email account and saved as favorites. This ensures all the links are in the one place and increases the possibilities of remote access.


At this point in time we simply cannot even see a blip of a better audio solution anywhere in the market. Sonos simply is it.

The worlds easiest interface accessible via any device, tapped to any zone or group of zones, in a quick and intuitive fashion.

Sonos links with all your favorite sources and caters for a traditional line in or even output to a full theatre experience. We can configure applications such as Spotify and Pandora and link in NAS or other devices.

Ecoelectric offer full supply and install of Sonos based solutions and can generally match the price of your closest retailer.


Ecoelectric can supply and install automated blind or screen systems from manufacturers such as Somfy. We can ensure they operate off any sensor or input in the KNX network or to pre programmed interaction between weather and blind.


KNX almost nativity interfaces with DALI and DMX. If you wanted a light show programmed for your front yard its easily accomplished. DALI functionality is perfect for commercial environments and ensures light can be dimmed to consistent levels therefore maximizing ‘day light harvesting.’

KNX easily takes care of basic automation functions such as grouped switching, timed switching, scenes and dimming functions, set point operation and so on, but with a visualization layer Ecoelectric can program a completley automated lighting solution which you will quite likely – rarely ever touch again.

We code logic for nearly every scenario based on light level and movement inputs checked against a variety of settings including timers and lamp levels to ensure that if you are in the area the light comes on to the correct brightness and stays on for an appropriate amount of time while you enter and leave the room.


KNX has ‘translators’ in place for all the world’s major air conditioning companies including Daikan, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. Use KNX wall plates or apps to perzonalize settings. Ecoelectric can also program and apply automated ‘personalization’ algorithims to the visualization logic to smart switch the air conditioner, the zones and its settings based on your movement and external weather conditions.


A truly automated system operates in synchronicity with its environment ensuring consist and invisible operation throughout. It will combine real time variations with ‘modes’ such as dining, party and so on. The building is programmed to pass through its usual daily patterns from morning through to evening and sleep via sensors alone. This helps to increase the personalization and increases the feeling of a true ‘smart home’ by clustering activities in, around, or away from your schedule.

Ask us what is possible with smart home automation today!