Smart Home Automation | ABB Free@Home


ABB have released an entry level yet comprehensive home automation system called Free@Home.  The system is aimed at providing buildings such as units, townhouses and small to medium homes with comprehensive and seamless home automation functions.

ABB’s Free@Home integrates lighting, blinds, climate control and intercom systems into a single interface either via touch screen or app.  The system works both from home and remotely and allows the user a host of functions including switching, scenes, timer functions, calendar functions, weather integration and security.
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Free@Home has all the features one would expect from a high level automation system with an attractive price point applicable to most consumers.  The system is bullet proof, easy to install and even offers programming functions for the customer.

Unlike off the shelf automation products the system will allow detailed functions such as combinations of light, blind and climate control all from the push of a single button or touch interface.  Save power by ensuring that everything is off in your home when away or asleep and turn off everything the kids left on from the comfort of your bedroom.

ABB Welcome Intercoms

Free@Home integrates directly with Welcome intercoms allowing both control and greeting via the one touch screen. Lights can be triggered from intercom functions allowing for a warm greeting for your guests. Welcome series door stations are stainless steel with fog proof glass and have a very wide angle lens often allowing viewing of the street. With European styling, they add a sense of class to even the most modern of homes.

Phillips Hue

The latest firmware update comes with Phillips Hue integration. Color or run effects through your rooms and program features and moods such as party, or relax. Phillips Hue is a wireless lighting solution which retrofits into your existing light features. It allows for full RGB color changing and strobe effects.

Future Proofing

Free@Home is upgradeable both by the user and automatically via ABB’s central servers. Take delight in knowing that as your home ages, your system won’t. Phillips Hue is the first of many additions to what is set to become a popular choice for home automation around the globe.

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