Trinasmart Panels (after STC)

Trinasmart Panels (after STC)

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This pricing is an installed price after STC's. For retail only purchases add 0.70c per watt to the list price. Trina Smart is a unique solar technology system, which features a panel by one of the world's leading brands with an integrated optimizer from Tigo Energy. Safer Solar • Panel-level disconnect to remotely deactivate modules • Arc, fire and safety hazard mitigation More Efficient O&M • Panel-level monitoring to pinpoint problems • Detailed real-time alerts and analytics Highest Power Density • Install more modules on any roof • Uneven string lengths enables design flexibility Maximized Energy Harvest • Impedance matching technology eliminates mismatch loses • More power from each module bin Lower BOS Costs from Smart Curve Technology • 30% lower max open circuit voltage, 30% longer strings • Fewer combiners, fuses and copper wiring required Fully Integrated • Compatible with any inverter • No additional boxes to mount on module Highly reliable due to stringent quality control • PID resistant ELECTRICAL DATA (STC) Peak Power Watts-PMAX (Wp) 260 Power Output Tolerance-PMAX (%) 0 ~ +3 Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V) 30.6 Maximum Power Current-IMPP (A) 8.50 Smart Curve-V_limit(V)* 33.0 Maximum Current-IM(A) 9.50 Module Efficiency ηm (%) 15.9 MECHANICAL DATA Solar cells Multicrystalline 156 × 156 mm Cell orientation 60 cells (6 × 10) Module dimensions 1650 × 992 × 35 mm Weight 19 kg Glass 3.2 mm,High Transmission, AR Coated Tempered Glass Frame Silver Anodized Aluminium Alloy (PD05.002) Cables Photovoltaic Technology cable 4.0 mm² 1200 mm Connector (H4) Amphenol *MC4 upon special request
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