Sunny Island System | 5kW with 8.5kWhr LG Storage

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5kW Island Capacity 8.5kWhr Usable Storage @ 6000 Cycles Multi Function Relay Auto Gen Start Relay Consumption Metering Web Logging 5 Year Inverter Warranty 10 Year Battery Warranty 5 Year Installation Warranty and Service Guarantee (extend to 10 years for $955) The market ready solution for absolute hybrid and or off-grid storage. SMA Sunny Island 6.0 are a central part of SMA's on and off-grid range and come standard with comprehensive energy control. The SI 6 will deliver 6kW at 30 mins, 6.8kW at 5 mins and 11kW at 3 seconds. As per specification an SI 6.0 will deliver 20A at 45oC continuously and take peak currents on the fly. The SMA SI 6.0 can be arranged to meet any hybrid or off-grid solar configuration and will provide up to 20A of continuous off grid power. In hybrid mode the power will come first from an AC coupled solar system, then from the Sunny Island and if necessary from the grid. This allows the home owner to 100% maximize solar PV production and usage. This system is bundled with the LG Resu 10 LV battery which is capable of pushing out 5kW constant or up to 7kW peak. The battery is rated for 6000 cycles at 90% depth of discharge and has a 10 year warranty. Communication between battery equipment relies on CAN bus and LG certification.

    Sunny Island System | 6kW Peak with 10kWhr LG Storage

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Price as configured: $0.00