SolaX 5kW Hybrid Inverter | SK-TL5000E | SK-BMU5000

5kW Solar Inverter
4kW/4.6kW Backup Mode

5 Year Inverter Warranty

Wifi Logging

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The SolaX hybrid inverter is a dual MPPT PV inverter bundled with a 100A battery charger that is capable of putting out up to 4600W in a blackout situation. This therefore makes it an excellent entry level hybrid solution at an attractive price point.

SolarX is a Chinese brand closely affiliated with Zhejiang University. Their products are distributed to 47 countries via 200 distribution channels.

The SolaX couples with CAN bus lithium ion batteries such as the LG Chem and will also work with traditional 48V wet cell solutions. This inverter comes with web logging out of the box and is also capable of export limiting with a compatible energy meter.

Max DC Watts 5000W
Max DC Voltage 550V
Nominal DC Voltage 360V
MPPT Voltage Range 125-530V
Max Input Current 12/12
Max Short Circuit Current 15/15
MPPT Trackers 2
Nominal AC Output 4600VA
Max AC Current 22.1A
Max Efficiency 97.6%
Nominal Voltage 48V
Battery Type Lithium
Max DC Charge Current 100A
Nominal AC Output @ 25 degrees 4000W
Peak AC Output @ 25 degrees 4600W
Communications WiFi, Ethernet
Protection IP20
Dimensions 490x595x167mm
Weight 42.5kg
Warranty 5 Years
More Information
Weight 42.5000
Length 450mm
Height 600mm
Width 200mm
Error Codes
Insulation Testing Fault Faulty cabling or panels Check for cabling damage
Residual Current Device Fault Neutral inbalance and safety issue Check for water ingress
PV Connection Setting Fault Grid out of range Reset Inverter by following the Shutdown Procedure and Restarting
Grid Lost Fault Grid Lost Check SOLAR MAIN SWITCH and or wait for grid
Grid Volt Fault Grid Volts out of range Wait for grid to re sync and or reset inverter
Grid Freq Fault Grid frequency out of range Wait for grid to re sync and or reset inverter
Relay Fault Solar power relay fault Reset Inverter by following the Shutdown Procedure and Restarting
EPS Fault Backup power relay fault Reset Inverter by following the Shutdown Procedure and Restarting
CAN communication fault Are the battery isolators on? Check battery communication cables. Check charger communication cables< Fan Device Fault Inverter EEPROM fault AC HCT Fault AC Current Sensor Fault Check cabling from SolaX to CT Check CT direction OverLoad  Fault - Over Load in EPS Alarm EPS  OCP Fault - Over Current EPS Alarm Turn off major appliances and reduce load DCI Device Fault SPI communication fault SCI communication fault TZ Protect Fault - Over Current Fault Inv OCP Fault - Inverter Over Current Protection Fault PLL Lost Fault - Grid Out of Range AC5M Volt Fault - Grid Average Out of Range Inverter over current protection fault PV Voltage Fault PV Volt Fault AC10M Volt Fault Isolation Fault Temp Over Fault Fan1 Speed Fault Fan2 Speed Fault C1 Can Fault C1 Temp High C1 FAN Fault C1 TZ Fault - Charger Overload C1 EEPROM Fault C1 HCT1 Fault C1 HCT2 Fault - Charger Current Detection Fault C1 Bus OVP - Charger Voltage too High C1 Temp Low C1 Boost OVP (Charger over voltage protection) C1 Bat OVP (Battery over voltage protection) C1 Charger OCP (Charger over current protection) C1 Boost OCP (Charger boost current protection) C T Fault Check the connection of the C T or the meter RC Fault - Over Current Alarm DCI OCP Fault - Over Current Fault SW OCP Fault - Over Current Fault Dm9000 Fault Network DSP fault RTC Fault Mgr EEPROM Fault

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