Socket Outlet Single

Socket Outlet Single

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Socket Outlet Single
Socket Outlet Single

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    Looking to install an additional power point in your home or office? Youre a couple of clicks away from making it happen! Product includes the supply and install of an additional 10A double socket outlet onto an existing circuit. Utilizing Hager's Visage series as standard not only for its clever looks but for key safety features such as child proof safety shutters and bezzeled entries.

    1. Clip-on, interchangeable covers
    2. Made from durable polycarbonate, in a range of colors and finishes
    3. A full range of switches, points and plugs available to mix and match as you see fit

    CHILD SAFE SHUTTERS Rather than merely masking potential danger, this innovative shutter mechanism protects little fingers from the inside of the power point.  It is literally impossible to plug in without inserting an earth pin first.

    CHEMICAL RESISTANT PIVOT MECHANISMS Helps prevent power point switches degrading due to household chemicals.

    ARC SHIELD Hagerblu’s in-built arc shields reduce visible flash when switching fluorescent lighting

    THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT If you have ever tried to fit a plug into a socket that you can’t see, you will appreciate this handy innovation: A clever ‘dimple’ indented at the earth point make a frustrating task a breeze.

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