Socket Outlet Double 10A with USB

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General Information
This product is a 2-in-1 socket. It can be used as a standard double wall socket for regular appliances as well as for charging products that have a USB connection. It is ideal for charging electronic devices such as mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, MP3 players, PDA’s, GPS devices, digital cameras or any other device that has a USB connection. It uses an advanced IC control system that detects and protects against short-circulating, overloading and overheating.

Technical Specification:
Input: AC 200-240V 50-60Hz 10W 200mA
Output: DC 5V 1A {USB #1 (left port)}
DC 5V 2A {USB #2 (right port)}
Operating temperature: -15C to +45C
Humidity: <85%


Power Points with Twin USB Charging Ports - Charge your devices without power boards and clunky transformers

General Use
To charge, slide the port doors aside then plug in the USB charge cable, the charging module will automatically power up with a blue LED indicator. Plug in the device to be charged, once charging has begun the LED will turn red, it is quite normal for the LED to flash at times during the end of the charge cycle. has two different charging rate USB ports, the port on the left charges at a maximum of 1 Amp. Use this port first for most devices. The right hand side port is used for tablet type devices that require more power e.g. iPads. If you need to charge a second low power device (phone, camera etc) at the same time you can use the right port in conjunction with the left port. Once charging is completed remove the USB cable, the sliding door will automatically close and the power to the charging module Is shut off.

Please ensure this product is installed by a qualified electrician. If the socket or charger does not work DO NOT attempt to disassemble, the product contains no user services parts. Contact a qualified electrician.
This product is for indoor use only in a dry place. Do not subject to water or damp conditions.
It is normal for the charge to generate heat during the charging process.

    Socket Outlet Double 10A with USB

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