SMA SB5000SE Smart Energy 5kW | 2kWhr Li-Ion

SMA SB5000SE Smart Energy 5kW | 2kWhr Li-Ion
SMA the leader in solar PV technology has released their first all in one hybrid inverter aimed at reducing peak time usage. Featuring 5kW of solar PV inverting power and 2kWhr of lithium ion batteries this unit is aimed at maximizing a solar investment and further reducing grid input. SMA are the world leader in solar technology with the warranties and service history to match. Like any quality system the listed capacity of 2kWhr is usable and will last up to 5000 cycles giving a lifespan of more than 10 years. The SB5000 Smart Energy inverter comes with web functionality as standard and can also interface with SMA smart relays thereby further maximizing PV production by intelligently switching loads such as hot water systems and swimming pools. The key aim of this unit is to reduce the effect of ToU tariff's whilst also reducing grid dependency. With the correct programming the device is used to maximize PV production and avoid grid charges during peak periods.
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