SMA Energy Meter 63A 3P | Sunny Home Manager 2

63A Energy Meter

CT Compatible YES

Pulse Compatible NO

Wifi Enabled YES


SMA energy meters combine energy metering with a high-level logging and control system. This meter enables zero export and battery management functions. It also records consumption logging and works as a gateway for radio-controlled sockets and other devices such as Miele@Home appliances.

Clear visualization of key energy flows in the household

Energy balance diagrams which show PV generation, charging/discharging of the storage battery

Energy mix (electricity from photovoltaics, battery, utility grid) as used by individual household appliances

Historic energy consumption charts with various view selections

Basic PV system status monitoring to confirm correct system performance

More Information
Weight 0.2500
Length No
Height No
Width No
Part Number HM-20

Product Information Sheet

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SMA Network Requirements
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SMA Sunny Home Manager 2 Operating Manua
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SMA Warranty
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Sunny Home Manager 2 Datasheet
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