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Refrigeration Power Saver

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Refrigeration Power Saver
Refrigeration Power Saver

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    Do you own or operate refrigeration? Did you know that you can save between 10-30% of your refrigeration power bill by fitting a soft starting device? Like all energy saving devices the key purchasing factor is payback and return. Whilst the same thing applies here the calculation and benefits are somewhat more complicated due to the duty cycle and size of your particular refrigeration unit. Firstly we GUARANTEE that you will save at least 10% of your units refrigeration power bill. How much could I save? On average most units will return savings between TWENTY AND THIRTY PERCENT and as an added bonus they will extend the life of your compressor through softer operation and startup. Is this PFC or kVA technology? No - there are several products circulating the web which will NOT give you any savings at all. Some of them are a complete scam. Our advice is not to purchase anything which isnt accompanied by a returns guarantee. Ecoelectric will include that as a part of the package. Give me some figures? OK so as an example the average commercial fridge uses up to 2kW per hr reducing to 1.5kW per hour after installation of this device. Since commercial fridges run 24 7 thats savings of 0.5 kWhr per hr of heavy operation. At lighter cycles the savings arent as large but they are still there. Enough electrical jargon dollars please. An average sized fridge assuming 30% savings and 30c per kWhr will place you approximately $750 better off per unit per year. What will you guarantee? We guarantee that your fridge operating costs will drop by at least 10% on the unit that it is installed on. This will give savings of $375 per year thereby ensuring that the device and its installation is paid for within 3-4 years. REMEMBER - It is very likely that it will pay for itself within year one and produce savings of up to THIRTY PERCENT. Is the economy hurting your bottom line? This may be the return to margin that youve been looking for. *this is a 10A unit suitable for motors of up to 1.1kW - for larger motors see our 30A version suitable for motors of up to 4kW
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