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Free@Home Touchsreen 4   + $888.80
Free@Home Wireless Switch 2 Gang   + $214.50
Free@Home Wireless Switch 4 Gang   + $224.40
Free@Home Wireless Switch 2 Gang 1 Relay   + $234.30
Free@Home Wireless Switch 4 Gang 2 Relay   + $264.00
Free@Home Wireless Dimmer 2 Gang 1CH 80VA   + $271.77
Free@Home Wireless Dimmer 4 Gang 1CH 80VA   + $337.70
Free@Home Wireless Shutter 2 Gang 1CH   + $249.70
Free@Home Wireless Shutter 4 Gang 1CH   + $259.60
Free@Home Movement Sensor Wall Plate   + $361.90
Free@Home AC Thermostat Wall Plate   + $349.80
Free@Home Relay 4CH 16A   + $442.20
Free@Home Dimmer 4CH 80VA   + $784.30
Free@Home Shutters 4CH   + $410.30

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Free@Home Kit
Free@Home Kit

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    With ABB-free@home® all applications in and around the house are amazingly easy to combine.

    Light control

    Your individual environment with a new level of light. With ABB-free@home you can switch and dim lights in the conventional sense but also call up predefined dimming values and light scenes. Furthermore you can control lights individually or as a group and depending on movement detection. Through the integration of Philips Hue LED you can also control RGB LEDs through the same system and bring light control to a whole new level.

    Blind control

    Your blinds can take care of you, automatically, if you like. With ABB-free@home you can control shutters, blinds and curtains individually or in groups. It also features window monitoring and allows shading control depending on weather conditions. With ABB-free@home, blind control can easily be automated depending on external factors, e.g. the weather or with a fixed time schedule.

    Heating and cooling

    Set up your ultimate comfortable temperature. With ABB-free@home you can fully automate the room temperature depending on daily routines, which considerably supports the energy efficiency. E.g. the heating can be turned off or adjusted if a window is opened or if no one is at home.

    Door communication

    Say welcome to your guests. ABB-free@home can be easily integrated into ABB-Welcome via the same touch screen ABB-free@homeTouch. This way you have only one display as a central point of operation for all building functions including door communication. Plus, it allows you the configuration of “Welcome scenes” that can be triggered upon the arrival of a visitor.


    Your safety is a priority for us. With ABB-free@home, you can activate a presence simulation during your absence as a deterrent from burglars. Should that not be enough, you can always check the status of certain building functions, e.g. was movement detected or a door or window opened. In that case ABB-free@home could even send you a push-notification to allow you to call the police. Should you be at home while hearing some strange noise coming from the basement, the panic switch will turn on the light in the entire house.

    Scene control

    To create or change scenes is child’s play with ABB-free@home®. An intelligent assistance function in the app helps to put together the desired functions. A single press of the button on the switch, on the ABB-free@homeTouch, smartphone or tablet suffices to call up a complete scene. This, for example, allows a living room to be transformed in a matter of seconds to suit any occasion – for welcoming guests or for a pleasant evening of relaxation.

    Remote control with myBuildings portal

    Controlling your home remotely from anywhere offers a lot of comfortable advantages, like being able to open doors to family or friends, being able to check the status of lights, windows and blinds, or turning on the heating when leaving the office so it is warm and cozy when you arrive at home. MyBuildings portal makes remote access and control easier than ever. It merely bridges the free@home system with the smart phone, tablet or computer and all you need is an internet connection. The communication between myBuildings portal, the ABB-free@home® system and the device is encrypted by TLS and in addition end-to-end. This way, you do not need to worry when exchanging data over the internet.

    Voice control

    Controlling your home becomes even easier. ABB-free@home® can be controlled easily via voice commands. Very simple, without having to learn special commands and without laborious configuration. The user can interact with the system intuitively, as if he or she was speaking with another person. The system understands commands like “Switch on all lights!” and even responds by saying “Okay. All lamps have been switched on.” It can also respond to the user’s questions such as “Are the lights still on?” The voice control is initiated by pushing the microphone button on the user interface of the ABB-free@home® app.

    Sonos speaker

    ABB-free@home allows the integration of 3rd party products and services. The scope is steadily growing. ABB-free@home supports the integration of the Sonos wireless home and sound system, and Amazon’s cloud-based voice service Alexa. This enables users of ABB-free@home to control home functions such as light, blinds and heating by giving voice commands without the necessity of reaching for the smart phone. Thanks to the integration of Sonos, music can now be seamlessly integrated into scenes and controlled through sensors, touch panels, and the ABB-free@home App.

    Home Appliance

    Furthermore, now ABB-free@home supports the integration of home appliances from the brands Miele, Bosch, Siemens and Gaggenau. This enables many different use cases. The home appliances will be visible with their icons in the free@home app and the 4,3“ panel. The features of the home appliances can then be used with regular free@home sensors.

    Logic functions

    The ‘Actions’ menu enables intelligent combination of different processes, using ‘if… then’ logic. If the wind gets too strong, open all blinds, to save them from damage. If the movement detector is triggered, while no one is at home, send a notification on my phone. This is your home thinking alone.

    Presence simulation

    Always a good feeling. The presence simulation of ABB-free@home® records the weekly sequence of the devices. This means that its response can be exactly the same whether the residents are present or absent. The function can be activated and changed by the residents from anywhere. Whether on a business trip, on holiday or while shopping around the corner. With the app on the smartphone, remote control and a safety check of the entire home is possible from anywhere in the world.
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