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5 Year warranty
20 year service life on 3 cycles per day

2.4Ghz self meshing network
Standard electrical wiring
Pro-grade switching with very low delays


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Free@Home Kit | Free@Home Automation
Free@Home Kit | Free@Home Automation

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    Free@Home make a quantum leap in the automation space by utilizing a proprietary self meshing 2.4HGhz network. This enables it to surf spare channels ensuring a robust and lag-free signal with near limitless range.

    Adopting wireless technology allows the owner to make flexible choices during build or after renovation. It also saves on cabling, frees up switchboard space and has one of the smoothest commissioning sequences on the market. This makes it as easy to use as Phillips Hue, Sonos or Amazon Alexa - all of which work natively with Free@Home.

    Home automation has always been a fickle market with too many 'solutions' that rarely 'talk' and even when they do, its often slowly or via multiple apps. Furthermore, there are inherent problems in these designs such as who owns the data? or what happens when the property is sold? These are just some of the key issues that separate pro-grade automation from children's toys.

    The underlying question is - will your automation system make your home smarter? or will it simply add many more points of failure subject to costly fixes?

    High-end systems such as KNX solve all these problems but often come with a hefty price tag attached. Free@Home solves all that and more. Based on KNX architecture it is a fully bundled standalone system designed to cater to homes and units small and large. It can even natively interact with large scale intercom systems enabling all in one solutions for large scale unit developments.

    The first thing that makes Free@Home pro-grade automation is its starting kit. Straight out of the box you can expect complete control of all electrical functions, air conditioning and blinds. Bundled with that are strong smart home functions such as scenes, logic, presence simulation and geo-fencing.

    Most automation systems are feature add. This means you start with a relatively cheap product and you keep adding, and adding, and adding. . By the end, you have multiple apps with little or no functionality between the two. With a total price costing more than the annual eat out bill. Its a bit like signing up to Netflix, then adding Foxtel, Hulu and Stan. You get the idea - one is cheap - the whole package is anything but and none of them 'talk' to each other.

    Free@Home can control pretty much any aspect of your home depending on what is installed. There are intercom, weather, solar and EV charging options. All of which can talk to each other from within a single interface.

    Furthermore there are more integrations along the way as Free@Home is made by ABB and subscribed to Home Connect. This means it will natively support any appliance that is signed up to the Home Connect network. Turn the washing machine on if solar output is high? No problem.

    Free@Home is easy enough to program for the end user. Electricans and integrators will find it a breeze. Ecoelectric can supply systems programed or as loose kit.

    Integrator and ABN discounts are available with no training required.

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