Energy Efficient Pool Pump Saver

Energy Efficient Pool Pump Saver

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Energy Efficient Pool Pump Saver
Energy Efficient Pool Pump Saver

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    Did you know that your pool pump uses some 75% unnecessary energy every day and that it is one of the largest draws on your power bill? Pool pump motors are over sized to cater for the pressure flow of a backwash operation. This means that during normal filtration they are running far harder than required and use more power than required. The increased pressure also places unnecessary stress on the entire system therefore reducing its lifespan. Would you like to save money and reduce wear and tear on your system? Install an energy efficient pool pump controller today and pay it off through savings in approximately 2 years! The average pool pump runs on filtration mode for 8 hours per day and uses approximately 1.5kW of energy per hour. This amounts to 4204kWhr per year. By adjusting the frequency to around 32HZ this can be reduced to 1331kWhr per year delivering a saving of 2873kWhr per year! How does it work? Its very simple - after installation our friendly staff will show you how to operate the unit. There is nothing to do during normal operation however during backwash the unit must be switched to backwash mode which will bring the frequency backup to 50HZ therefore giving maximum pressure during the cleaning operation. After backwash is complete the unit is switched back to filtration mode. Its the flick of one switch each time the pool is in backwash mode and thats it! What will I save? Depending on your tariff rate you will save approximately $517 per year at 18c or a whopping $833 at 29c. Based on this you can expect to pay off your unit and its installation within approximately 2 years. How long will it last? The units come with a standard warranty of 2 years thereby ensuring that your investment is back in your pocket without any risk before savings begin. In some cases you will be saving before the warranty ends. Extended Warranty? Ecoelectric will extend your warranty to 5 years for $300 thereby ensuring a return on your investment. Savings Guarantee? Ecoelectric also guarantees that you will save AT LEAST 50% of your pool's power usage or we will issue a full refund in exchange for allowing us to remove and return the unit. If you dont save you dont pay its that simple.
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