ABB PVI 3000 | ABB Solar Inverter

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Aurora inverters by ABB represent an exceptional price point inverter that is backed by proven warranties. Very fast MPPT tracking combined with sophisticated circuitry often sees this solar inverter out perform the rest.

This ABB PVI 3000 is dual-tracking and is well suited for overclocking and difficult grid conditions. Built to last and well tested in rural Australia it is no wonder that these units are often recommended by Ergon Utilities - QLD's rural supply authority.

Max DC Watts 5000W
Max DC Voltage 600V
Nominal DC Voltage 360V
MPPT Voltage Range 160-530V
Max Input Current 20/10
Max Short Circuit Current 12.5/12.5
MPPT Trackers 2
Nominal AC Output 3330VA
Max AC Current 14.5A
Max Efficiency 96.8%
Communications WiFi available
Protection IP44
Dimensions 618x325x222mm
Weight 17.5kg
Warranty 5 Years

    ABB PVI 3000 | ABB Solar Inverter