6kW Solar PV System | Fronius


Rail Kit
Timer Relay Setup
1 × Timer Relay Setup (O)
Solar Awning
1 × Solar Awning | Inverter Shade
Fronius Energy Meter 1P
1 × Fronius Energy Meter 3P | Three Phase Energy Meter
Height Charge Two Story
1 × Height Charge Two Story
Fronius Energy Meter 1P
1 × Fronius Energy Meter 1P | Single Phase Energy Meter
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25.2kWh per day 9198kWh per year


Fronius Inverter

Q Cell Panels

Clenergy Rail Kit

ABB Materials Kit


10 Year Inverter Warranty

25 Year Panel Warranty

25 Year Performance Guarantee

5 Year Installation Warranty and Service Guarantee

5 Year Production Guarantee


Aimed primarily at the residential market, this 6kW Fronius and LG solar system will provide for day time usage and also and cover items such as hot water systems or swimming pools.


Fronius is a world leading inverter, welding and battery manufacturer that specializes in innovation. While they’re not the cheapest unit on the market, a range of packaged features makes them highly intelligent. A Fronius inverter has wireless logging and a programmable smart relay. The relay can be used to switch excess production to items such as electric hot water systems and is far more accurate than a traditional timer-relay combination.

Fronius offers an industry-leading 10-year warranty as standard. Their product range includes cost-effective options for both consumption metering and energy management.

Hanwha Qcells Co. Ltd., is one of the world´s largest and most recognized photovoltaic manufacturers for its high-quality, high-efficiency solar cells and modules. It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea (Global Executive HQ) and Thalheim, Germany (Technology & Innovation HQ).

Apart from continually setting the standards for quality, Q Cells has focused on setting up a national installer network showing that they understand not just what makes a panel, but also every aspect of what goes into a high performing and long lasting solar installation.

This premium range combines high-quality components aimed at achieving the longest lifespan possible. These combinations achieve payback in medium terms but will generate for longer periods with less maintenance.

Max DC Watts
Max DC Voltage 1000v
Feed-in start voltage 80v
MPPT Voltage Range 80-800v
Max Input Current
Max Short Circuit Current
MPPT Trackers 2
Nominal AC Output 5kVA
Technology Transformerless
Max Efficiency 97.8%
Power factor 0.70 – 1 ind/cap
Protection IP 65
Dimensions 645x431x204
Weight 21.5kg
Warranty 10 Year


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Trina Vertex S 440W Mono N Datasheet

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Jinko Tiger 475W Mono N Datasheet

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