6kW Hybrid System | SMA and LG Chem

24.6kWh per day 8979kWh per year
5.5kWhr @ 6500 cycles
4.2kW Discharge

SMA Hybrid Inverter
LG Chem Battery
Trina Panels

10 Year Inverter Warranty
10 Year Panel Warranty
25 Year Performance Guarantee
5 Year Installation Warranty and Service Guarantee
5 Year Production Guarantee

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LG RESU 10HV | LG Battery System   + $9,578.80
SMA Energy Meter 63A 3P | Sunny Home Manager 2   + $1,048.30
1 x ABB Solar Materials Kit Dual Tracker   + $469.12
1 x Hybrid Materials Kit LT   + $783.60
Install Solar System per Panel LT   + $89.76
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6kW Hybrid System | SMA and LG Chem
6kW Hybrid System | SMA and LG Chem

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    Aimed primarily at the residential market, this 6kW SolaX and Trina system will provide for day time usage and also and cover items such as hot water systems or swimming pools.

    The LG Chem battery range feature life cycles rated at 6000 cycles or more. Their units are capable of putting out up to 7kW of peak power or 5kW continuously. They can also be expanded to up to 20kWh for larger off-grid and applications. With an extremely high energy density and stylish enclosure LG will also compete on aesthetics with other products such as Tesla's Powerwall.

    The SMA home energy storage system consists of an SMA Sunny Boy inverter coupled with a Sunny Boy Storage battery interface. The Sunny Boy Storage is a battery interface module which allows the connection of key high-voltage lithium batteries such as the LG Chem and Tesla Powerwall 1. It represents a premium system and comes with SMA's high-level software package.

    An SMA hybrid system will allow the storage of daytime energy for nighttime use thereby increasing self-consumption above 80 percent.

    Trina is one of Australia's most popular solar panels and is installed on the 1.2MW facility at the University of QLD. Trina modules sit at an attractive price point and are well backed by one of China's largest solar panel manufacturers.

    This premium range combines high-quality components aimed at achieving the longest lifespan possible. These combinations achieve payback in medium terms but will generate for longer periods with less maintenance.

    PV INPUT  
    Max DC Watts 7500 Wp
    Max DC Voltage 600 V
    Rated Input Voltage 365 V
    MPPT Voltage Range 175 V to 500 V
    Max Input Current 15 A / 15 A
    Max Short Circuit Current 15 A / 15 A
    MPPT Trackers 2 / A:2; B:2
    Nominal AC Output 220 V, 230 V, 240 V / 180 V to 280 V
    Max AC Current 22 A
    Max Efficiency 97.0%
    Communications WLAN, Speedwire / Webconnect 
    Protection IP 65
    Dimensions 435 / 470 / 176 mm
    Weight 16 kg
    Warranty 5
    More Information
    Manufacturer SMA
    Weight N/A
    Length No
    Width No
    Height No

    Product Information Sheet

    (Size: 1.2 MB)
    LG Chem Fault Current
    (Size: 198.1 KB)
    LG Chem RESU 6.4 Warranty
    (Size: 1.5 MB)
    LG NeON 2 Solar Panels Datasheet
    (Size: 1.3 MB)
    LG NeON2 72 Cell Solar Panels
    (Size: 975.3 KB)
    LG Solar Installation Manual
    (Size: 812.6 KB)
    LG Solar Warranty
    (Size: 253.2 KB)
    (Size: 487.3 KB)
    SMA Extended Warranty Form
    (Size: 72.9 KB)
    SMA How to Update Wifi
    (Size: 76.5 KB)
    SMA Insulation Fault Guide
    (Size: 1.2 MB)
    SMA Multi Function Relay Manual
    (Size: 424.8 KB)
    SMA Network Requirements
    (Size: 424.8 KB)
    SMA Network Requirements
    (Size: 510.3 KB)
    SMA Passwords Guide
    (Size: 218 KB)
    SMA Smart Connected Warranty.
    (Size: 3 MB)
    SMA Smart Home
    (Size: 1 MB)
    SMA Sunny Boy 1.5kW 2.5kW 3kW 4kW 5kW Wireless Commissioning
    (Size: 566.5 KB)
    SMA Sunny Boy 3 4 5kW AV Datasheet
    (Size: 2.4 MB)
    SMA Sunny Boy 3-5kW Operating Manual
    (Size: 566.5 KB)
    SMA Sunny Boy 3kW 4kW 5kW Datasheet
    (Size: 557.3 KB)
    SMA Sunny Boy Storage 5 Datasheet
    (Size: 3.5 MB)
    SMA Sunny Boy Storage 5 Operating Manual
    (Size: 444.1 KB)
    SMA Sunny Boy Storage Backup Unit Installation Manual
    (Size: 380.9 KB)
    SMA Sunny Home Manager 2 Datasheet
    (Size: 71.5 KB)
    SMA Warranty
    (Size: 453.6 KB)
    SMA Warranty Claim Process
    (Size: 270.3 KB)
    SMA Warrnty RA Form version 1
    (Size: 4.8 MB)
    SOLAR Warranty Certificate Template
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