6kW Enphase Micro System | Enphase and Trina

25.8kWh per day 9417kWh per year


Mismatch and Shade Tolerant
Upgrade and Design Freedom
No Single Point of Failure
Modular Battery Options
Maximum AC Safety

15 Year Inverter Warranty
25 Year Panel Warranty
25 Year Performance Guarantee
5 Year Installation Warranty and Service Guarantee
5 Year Production Guarantee

As low as $8,045.51

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6kW Enphase Micro System | Enphase and Trina
6kW Enphase Micro System | Enphase and Trina

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    Aimed primarily at the residential market, this 6kW Enphase Micro System | Enphase and Trina micro system will provide for day time usage of standard appliances. It is suitable for townhouses, cabins and small homes.

    AC micro inverters are the latest in solar technology aimed at catering for difficult installation conditions such as multiple directions and or shading. With each panel individually 'tracked' the system can maximize production under even the toughest of site conditions. Enphase micro inverters are the best way to leverage this versatile architecture.

    Enphase micro inverters are also able to be individually monitored via the included Envoy Gateway. Take your PV system to the next level and know what each panel is doing 24 hours a day.

    Ecoelectric combines these leading products with installation excellence. Our cabling and system diagrams ensure that your system is not losing production to voltage drop and that the roof is fail safe protected from any water issues. Our friendly installers utilize circuit protection by ABB with sealants and penetrations by Sikaflex and Decktie.

    Trina is one of Australia's most popular solar panels and is installed on the 1.2MW facility at the University of QLD. Trina modules sit at an attractive price point and are well backed by one of China's largest solar panel manufacturers.

    Aimed primarily at the residential market, this 6kW Enphase micro system will provide for day time usage and also and cover items such as hot water systems or swimming pools.

    PV INPUT  
    Max DC Watts 440W
    Max DC Voltage 60V
    Nominal DC Voltage 16V-60V
    MPPT Voltage Range 27-45V
    Max Input Current 12
    Max Short Circuit Current 15
    MPPT Trackers 1
    Nominal AC Output 290VA
    Max AC Current 1.26A
    Max Efficiency 96.5%*
    Communications Powerline
    Protection IP67
    Dimensions 212x175x30mm
    Weight 1.08kg
    Warranty 10 Years
    Service Life 20 Years
    More Information
    Manufacturer Enphase
    Weight N/A
    Length No
    Width No
    Height No
    Part Number No

    Product Information Sheet

    (Size: 311.5 KB)
    Enphase AC Battery Datasheet
    (Size: 865.2 KB)
    Enphase AC Battery Quick Install Guide
    (Size: 362.2 KB)
    Enphase AC Battery Safety Data Sheet
    (Size: 818.1 KB)
    Enphase AC Battery Warranty
    (Size: 115.7 KB)
    Enphase AC Coupling Guide
    (Size: 1.2 MB)
    Enphase CT Guide
    (Size: 59.5 KB)
    Enphase Data Network Specification
    (Size: 938.6 KB)
    Enphase Envoy S Installation Manual
    (Size: 304.2 KB)
    Enphase Envoy S Update Wifi Details Guide
    (Size: 278.1 KB)
    Enphase Envoy-S Metered Datasheet
    (Size: 1.2 MB)
    Enphase Home Energy Solution
    (Size: 221.1 KB)
    Enphase Micro Inverter IQ7 Datasheet
    (Size: 718.2 KB)
    Enphase Noise Guide
    (Size: 278.1 KB)
    Enphase S Metered Gateway Datasheet
    (Size: 159.8 KB)
    (Size: 258.5 KB)
    Trina Product Warranty
    (Size: 587.2 KB)
    Trina Vertex Datasheet
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