29.92kW Solar System | SMA and LG Solar

Product Code:SOL-SMA30-LG30

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Finance from $120/week

127kWhr per day 46413kWhr per year

SMA Inverter
Mono X LG Solar Panels
Antai Rail Kit
ABB Materials Kit

Bluetooth and or Ethernet Logging

5 Year Inverter Warranty (extend to 10 years for $250)
12 Year Panel Warranty and 25 Year Performance Guarantee
5 Year Installation Warranty and Service Guarantee (extend to 10 years for $250)
5 Year Production Guarantee

At 29.92kW this system is aimed primarily at the medium commercial market and is designed to offset day time usage including lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and many other loads. Commercial solar systems can also help to shift and or reduce maximum demand. The high level of quality is aimed at building owners or lessors which plan to stay in the building for a minimum of 5 years.

This system can be safely overclocked by up to 10kW giving an array size of 40kW - all of it eligible for government incentives.

This design philosophy is aimed at bringing the inverter size under the supply authority threshold of 30kW whilst boosting production with over clocked panels. By sizing this way large scale additionals such as fail safe anti-islanding relays can be avoided.

LG Solar have extensive experience in the solar industry and offer some of the highest quality and efficiency standards available. LG Solar is backed by the South Korean behemoth LG and offers a product which will survive even the toughest of conditions. The highlights of LG Solar panels include very high efficiency and a warranty strong enough to survive the turbulent solar industry.

SMA inverters are made in Germany and built like a tank. Not surprisingly they also have highly intelligent features packed into a high efficiency and wide-ranging inversion system. The software is detailed and comes with enterprise level functions such as multi-user level logins and automated detail reporting. This can be linked across multiple sites with ease; thereby realizing a central station for all facilities.

A system of this standard has multiple benefits. Breakdown and or repair costs are drastically reduced if not eliminated. Both manufacturers cover parts and labor on defects. For projects of scrutiny, SMA and LG Solar will stand up to the corporate responsibility and finance risk tests which have plagued many of the inferior brands.

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    30kW Solar System | SMA and LG Solar

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Price as configured: $0.00