240V Smoke Alarm | Smoke Alarms with Battery

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240V Smoke Alarms with battery backup installed in your home or office.  PSA are a well known manufacturer of smoke alarms and long standing Australian fire protection company.  Their products demonstrate best in class in all areas of fire protection.


Australian design and patented

Hinge-less surface mount base plate

Suitable for ceiling or wall mount

Extra large Test & Hush button for easy testing. Designed for easy reach with broom handle


Compatible with: All PSA Lifesaver range of smoke alarms, heat alarm, strobe light and auxiliary devices, Remote test and hush plate and chip, Interconnect up to 24 units

Detection Method: Photoelectric

Alarm Sound: 85dB at 3 metres

Low Battery Indication: Sounds a chirp at 30-40 second intervals, in addition to red LED indicator flashing

Alarm Duration: As long as smoke is present, unit automatically resets when smoke clears

Alarm Indication: Flashing red LED indicator

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    240V Smoke Alarm | Smoke Alarms with Battery

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Price as configured: $0.00