10kW Hybrid Solar | SolaX and LG Chem

41kWh per day 14965kWh per year
8.5kWhr @ 6500 cycles
5kW Discharge

SolaX Hybrid Inverter
LG Chem Battery
Trina Panels

Clenergy Rail Kit 10 Year Inverter Warranty
25 Year Panel Warranty
25 Year Performance Guarantee
5 Year Installation Warranty and Service Guarantee
5 Year Production Guarantee

As low as $19,829.92

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Sungrow 10kW Inverter | SG10RT   + $2,350.70
LG RESU 10LV | LG Battery System   + $7,862.80
1 x ABB Solar Materials Kit Dual Tracker   + $432.77
1 x Hybrid Materials Kit LT   + $783.60
Install Solar System per Panel LT   + $100.98
10 x Installation   + $99.00

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8kW Hybrid Solar | SolaX and LG Chem
10kW Hybrid Solar | SolaX and LG Chem

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    This 10kW SolaX and Trina solar system is aimed at offsetting heavy use from items such as ducted air conditioners, spas, and home offices.

    SolaX makes budget inverters that come with all the latest features. They promise a medium lifespan and have a long history both in China and Australia. SolaX is affiliated with Zhejiang University and has released a large range of cutting edge solar technology.

    This SolaX LG combo borders on off-grid capability with a price point near that of standard PV. The SolaX is a CAN bus compatible hybrid inverter capable of both load shifting and backup power. It can store your daytime energy for nighttime use and will provide up to 2kW of power in the event of a blackout. With built-in export limiting and reactive power control, it meets all the ticks necessary to give your power company the big flick.

    The LG Chem battery range feature life cycles rated at 6000 cycles or more. Their units are capable of putting out up to 7kW of peak power or 5kW continuously. They can also be expanded to up to 20kWh for larger applications. With an extremely high energy density and stylish enclosure LG will also compete on aesthetics with other products such as Tesla's Powerwall.

    Trina is one of Australia's most popular solar panels and is installed on the 1.2MW facility at the University of QLD. Trina modules sit at an attractive price point and are well backed by one of China's largest solar panel manufacturers.

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