10kW Enphase Hybrid System | Enphase and Tesla

10kWh per day 3650kWh per year
13.5kWhr @ 6500 cycles
5kW Discharge

Enphase Inverter
Tesla Battery
Trina Honey Plus Panels

5 Year Micro Inverter Warranty
10 Year Panel Warranty
10 Year Battery Warranty
25 Year Performance Guarantee
5 Year Installation Warranty and Service Guarantee
5 Year Production Guarantee

As low as $26,603.46

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1 x Enphase S Metered | Enphase Envoy   + $577.50
1 x AC Micro Base Materials Kit   + $457.82

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6kW Enphase Hybrid System | Enphase and Tesla
10kW Enphase Hybrid System | Enphase and Tesla

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    This 10kW Enphase and Tesla solar system is aimed at offsetting heavy use from items such as ducted air conditioners, spas, and home offices.

    AC microinverters are the latest in solar technology aimed at catering for difficult installation conditions such as multiple directions and or shading. With each panel individually 'tracked' the system can maximize production under even the toughest of site conditions. Enphase microinverters are the best way to leverage this versatile architecture.

    Enphase microinverters are also able to be individually monitored via the included Envoy Gateway. Take your PV system to the next level and know what each panel is doing 24 hours a day.

    The Enphase AC battery is a modular unit aimed at load shifting or maximizing PV production. Enphase's energy management system cycles the unit up to twice per day giving 2kWhr usable output from a 1.2kWhr battery. The unit comes with a 10-year warranty covering a massive 7300 cycles.

    This battery is ideal for ensuring that daytime solar energy is used during night time hours. It does not provide backup power, however it completely simplifies the use of battery storage for most urban purposes and is also suitable for extending off-grid systems.

    The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a self-contained lithium-ion battery with 14kWh of capacity. The built-in inverter allows it to be AC coupled with any solar system old or new. The optioned Backup Gateway allows the battery to provide power during a blackout. The units can also be stacked to allow further capacity.

    This premium range combines high-quality components aimed at achieving the longest lifespan possible. These combinations achieve payback in medium terms but will generate for longer periods with less maintenance.

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