100kW Solar System | SMA and LG

420kWh per day 153300kWh per year

SMA Inverter
LG Panels
Clenergy Rail Kit
ABB Materials Kit

5 Year Inverter Warranty
25 Year Panel Warranty
25 Year Performance Guarantee
5 Year Installation Warranty and Service Guarantee
5 Year Production Guarantee

As low as $116,786.12

Customise 100kW Solar System | SMA and LG
SMA Inverter STP 25000 | SMA Solar Inverter   + $4,637.60
6 x ABB Solar Materials Kit Dual Tracker   + $432.77
Install Solar System per Panel LT   + $100.98

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100kW Solar System | SMA and LG
100kW Solar System | SMA and LG

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    At 100kW this SMA and LG system is aimed at the medium to large commercial sector and takes advantage of the maximum discount available under the Small Scale Technology Certificate scheme.

    Featuring an intuitive interface with weblogging as standard, an SMA is the most popular and highest quality inverter available.

    SMA has over 30 years of experience in the development and fabrication of solar power inverters for solar and solar hybrid applications. With unparalleled German engineering, they are without a doubt one of the leading solar inverter manufacturers and have the service history to back it up. With thousands of inverters already in the field, you can be sure that an SMA STP25000 will provide you with a steady source of solar power for many years to come.

    LG Solar has extensive experience in the solar industry and offers some of the highest quality standards available. LG Solar is backed by the South Korean behemoth LG and offer a product which will survive even the toughest of conditions. The highlights of LG Solar panels include very high efficiency and a warranty strong enough to survive the turbulent solar industry.

    LG Mono X panels offer a very slick black frame finish and exceptional solar production. Manufactured by one of the largest consumer companies in the world you can also expect long standing warranty and performance.

    This premium range combines high-quality components aimed at achieving the longest lifespan possible. These combinations achieve payback in medium terms but will generate for longer periods with less maintenance.

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    Manufacturer SMA
    Weight N/A
    Length No
    Width No
    Height No
    Part Number N/A

    Product Information Sheet

    (Size: 4.3 MB)
    (Size: 6.7 MB)
    LG NeON H Solar Panels Datasheet
    (Size: 1.6 MB)
    LG NeON2 72 Cell Solar Panels
    (Size: 975.3 KB)
    LG Solar Installation Manual
    (Size: 812.6 KB)
    LG Solar Warranty
    (Size: 487.3 KB)
    SMA Extended Warranty Form
    (Size: 72.9 KB)
    SMA How to Update Wifi
    (Size: 76.5 KB)
    SMA Insulation Fault Guide
    (Size: 1.2 MB)
    SMA Multi Function Relay Manual
    (Size: 424.8 KB)
    SMA Network Requirements
    (Size: 510.3 KB)
    SMA Passwords Guide
    (Size: 3.5 MB)
    SMA Sunny Boy 15kW-25kW Operating Manual
    (Size: 71.5 KB)
    SMA Warranty
    (Size: 453.6 KB)
    SMA Warranty Claim Process
    (Size: 270.3 KB)
    SMA Warrnty RA Form version 1
    (Size: 4.8 MB)
    SOLAR Warranty Certificate Template
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