1.6kW Offgrid System | Victron and Century Enersun

6.56kWh per day 2394kWh per year
0.6kWhr @ 4000 cycles
1.6kW Discharge

Victron Island Inverter
Century Enersun Battery
Trina Panels

5 Year Hybrid Inverter Warranty
10 Year Panel Warranty
25 Year Performance Guarantee
5 Year Installation Warranty and Service Guarantee
5 Year Production Guarantee

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1.6kW Offgrid System | Victron and Century Enersun
1.6kW Offgrid System | Victron and Century Enersun

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    Aimed primarily at the residential market, this 1.6kW Victron and Century Enersun system will provide for day time usage of standard appliances with light use at night. It is suitable for cabins and small off-grid facilities.

    The Victron MultiPlus and Quattro range of island inverters are suitable for both on and off-grid use and will connect to a range of batteries. They scale in both single and three phase applications and are compatible with a wide range of grid tie inverters such as SMA or Fronius.

    Victron makes a range of simple products designed for Australian conditions. With true sine wave output, their inverters are also rated for peak currents at up to twice the rated capacity. All units can be integrated into a software solution using Victron's web portal.

    We use Victron for on-grid battery storage and or small to medium off grid applications. They are suitable for connection to LG Chem, BYD or SimpliPhi batteries, as well as older chemistry.

    Century Yuasa is Australia's oldest battery manufacturer with a history spanning back to 1928. Their Enersun range consists of Gel VRLA batteries that are specifically designed for off-grid applications.

    Trina is Australia's most popular solar panel and feature on its largest rooftop installation - the 1.2MW facility at the University of QLD. These Trina modules have excellent efficiency and shade response and are well backed by one of China's largest solar panel manufacturers.

    Our budget range aims at meeting DIY and price shopper outcomes. These systems carry more maintenance over the long term and come with less functionality.

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