Samil Inverters have become very slow at honoring warranty requests  in Australia and have therefore been removed from our range.  Ecoelectric will honor the inverter warranty over a 5 year period for existing customers only.

If your solar retailer has left you hanging, we recommend you replace the unit with one of the three ie ABB, SMA or Schneider.  These are the only companies which we believe have bullet-proof service and warranty offerings.  On top of that ABB and Schneider are two of the only manufacturers which are diversified outside of the solar industry.

If you still want to shop on a budget then we recommend Zeversolar Inverters, as they have been bought out by SMA.  Ecoelectric will supply and install Zeversolar inverters, however we do not offer a ‘cover’ warranty on the unit.  We will however, cover ABB, SMA or Schneider and strongly recommend that you purchase something which will last.

Samil Inverters

Samil Power is an international company with strong ties to Australia and the Australian solar energy market, making its inverter technology well suited to the Australian environment and conditions. Samil are approaching well recognized history in the Australian market having supplied inverters to Australia for more than 5 years with one of the lowest fail rates in the business. Primarily sold as a cheaper alternative to something like SMA or ABB Power One – Samil’s performance often surprises and is hard to fault.


Samil inverters are best described as the import that works. Having installed several hundred of these units we can safely say that their defect rate is one of the lowest on the market even when compared to the very top brands such as SMA, Aurora and Xantrax.

Simplified and stripped back a Samil doesn’t come with bluetooth – nor will it project your output to the nearest space station, but what it will do is produce energy – effectively and efficiently for years to come.

To see our range of solar systems using the Samil inverter, click here to go to our solar system shop page or request a detailed quote.