Safety is First

Ecoelectric have a comprehensive digital safe work system accessible in the field – in real time. All of our works have specific task lists backed by a library of safe work method statements and check lists. The company handles internal safety and compliance also via the same digital system logging results against a database of asset and vehicle items.The heart of any real approach to safety in the electrical industry is raw test results – via the right practices of course. We have specific test sheets for all of our offerings ensuring that every job is commissioned through and past completion using time and IP stamped technology.The company does of course also have pdf versions available of all our general and work method statements if required for your project.

risk assessment jswms wms
General Safety Policy Risk Assessment Template Job Specific Work Method SWMS 01 General Works
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SWMS 02: Manual Handling SWMS 03: Working at Heights SWMS 04: Drilling, Dust and Excessive Noise SWMS 05: Excavations and Trip Hazards
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SWMS 06: Confined Spaces SWMS 07: Asbestos SWMS 08: Isolations SWMS 09: Live Works