LED lighting is an increasingly popular technology that when installed in your home or commercial premises, can offer incredible power reductions and cost benefits. LED lighting is not just a fad, it makes sense for anyone wanting to genuinely save money.

The latest building code revisions have increased the lighting efficiency component of a new home to 80% – Energy costs are rising by up to 25% per year and incandescent type lamps are been phased out. Upgrade your home and save money in the long run.

LED Electrician

If you are looking to make the switch to the lower-cost, longer-life LED lighting option, ensure you make use of a qualified, licensed and experienced LED Electrician.

Ecoelectric don’t just provide electrical services, we also specialise in new technologies that reduce power, costs and your carbon footprint. When it comes to LED lighting, Ecoelectric are the electricians you can trust!

Looking to reduce energy use?

Tired of changing lamps or paying to replace blown transformers?

Recessed downlights with LED technology use a low 12W of energy and provide more light than the average Hallogen. We say more because thats how confident we are that our recommended fittings are bright, have good color rendering and will dim smoothly and with reasonable range.

With a lamp life of around 35 to 50 thousand hours these fittings will last approximately 21 years at 5 hours per day. Looking at a 20 year period and using a tarrif rate of 30c per kW the savings between hallogen 50W and a 13W LED would be $600 vs $156 which gives a saving of $444 per lamp assuming energy costs don’t rise.

Sensor Lighting

As we move towards an automated world one of the first steps is lighting. The most popular application are areas like store rooms, garages, entry and external areas, bathrooms and toilets, wardrobes and cupboards and hallways. With the right setting the lights turn on for a short duration after movement but only if natural light is sufficiently dim ie your personal setting.

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