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Fronius inverters

Ecoelectric have opened our range to Fronius inverters due to increased demand and their passion for innovation.  There is little a Fronius can do that an SMA cant, its just that Fronius does it just as well and costs a whole lot less.

What’s so special about a Fronius inverter?

10 years warranty out of the box
Wifi logging as standard
Integrated multi-function relay
Award winning service and support

To get all this with an SMA would cost another $500 or so on top of what is already an expensive inverter. To do it with an ABB? Well you could, but it would require 3rd party products and the end cost would be higher still. One of Fronius’ key advantages at this stage, is their range of cheap yet effective smart meters in both single and three phase versions. This enables consumption metering and also allows the triggering of the smart relay’s off PV production.

A Fronius is our best recommendation for people with electric hot water systems. It’s also our best recommendation in many situations due to its solid reputation and outstanding features.

About the only area where Fronius comes up short, is that at this stage its only battery capability is a 3 phase Fronius solution, and or the Tesla. In this regard, SMA is still number one, but if you’re after 3 phase batteries, Fronius has an incredibly cost effective solution.

Fronius inverters come with a comprehensive logging system, which allows the owner to delve deep into the electrical parameters of their PV system. At the same time, the opening page is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Homeowners can quickly gain insight into how their PV system is performing from a web browser or by using the bundled app.

As a special offer, we will swap an ABB for a Fronius on any of our systems. Thats a significant upgrade, and for now, it’s free.