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Feed In Gold | Crap Solar | Dry July

PFC Outcome


Over the past two years, feed-in tariffs have risen from 6c to as high as 20c.  Due to this, we highly recommend that all existing customers contact their retailer to review their situation with the aim of obtaining a 15c or higher feed-in tariff.

For customers considering batteries, these changes pose some interesting questions.  Why store your power when you can sell it to the grid at nearly 5 times its generated value?

It’s also worth noting that homeowners can install up to 10kW per phase and be happily generating 15c/kWh from the grid all day long.


Many customers will have seen the recent reports on the ABC and other news outlets in relation to Crap Solar.  Unfortunately, we are seeing just about all ‘price point’ offerings fail well before their 25-year life span and in many cases well before their warranted 10-year lifespan.  Since most of these cheaper offerings do not come with a labour warranty, is their warranty worth anything at all?

LG Solar panels come with 25-year parts and labour warranty.  They are the only brand that we trust when designing systems with an intended lifespan of more than 10 years.

From a Climate Change perspective, there is a larger issue at hand.  Solar panels are factored on the promise of reducing carbon emissions for 25 years.  It takes 2-5 years of embodied energy for a solar panel to be produced so rapidly failing systems could actually have a negative carbon result.


You don’t need to drink to be high on life!

Our General Manager Jeff is taking on Dry July to raise money in the fight against cancer. 

We all know someone who has had their lives shattered by this terrible disease.  Please help us stop that.

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  1. Hello! thanks for such a clear and interesting article. Very necessary information. Recently I began to think often about solar energy and decided to install myself a solar panel for me and my parents. I think this will help me save money on utility bills for electricity. Now I am planning to select the equipment and install it correctly. It’s cool that you can save money and resources after installation.

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