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We live in an online and connected world, with our business and convenience relying upon the provision of reliable internet and telecommunication services. The backbone of this service both within office environments, commercial premise and even homes, is a suitably designed and installed data cabling service.

Ecoelectric have the skill and experience to ensure we can take care of all your needs for data cabling in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and throughout South East Queensland.

Data Cabling Services

  • Want some real bandwidth?
  • ADC/Krone CAT6 tested to 1 gigabit
  • Push any signal including composite, audio, HDMI and data via balun adapters
  • Centralize and empower your network
  • NBN ready solution to take advantage of full 100 megabits.

There is nothing ‘off the shelf’ about TE Connectivity’s CAT6 solution. It is certified at 1 gigabit but is capable of pushing a lot more including full HDMI under the right installation conditions.

Your connection speed is limited by the slowest link in the chain. At 100Mbs CAT 5 would need to be installed in a very bend radius and cable shape aware fashion. CAT6 ensures true 1Gb+speeds allowing full NBN compatibility and AV potential.

Are you looking for a professionally installed data distribution network? Would you prefer a company that will test and label all your outlets and offer patching and configuration advice if necessary? Do you want a guarantee that your outlets will perform to *at least* the 1G standard offered by CAT6? Did you know that high end products installed properly will reliably push up to 7-8G therefore future proofing your home or office for all but the most intense of traffic applications?

Ecoelectric can offer this and more – our data cabling services are of the highest standard and we guarentee that the cabling performance will exceed certified standards.

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