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Commercial Solar Is Go!

Commercial Solar

10 YEARS IN BUSINESSEcoelectric was conceived in 2008 and formally registered as a business in April of 2009.  Hence we are celebrating 10 years in business now!  Evolving from a construction contractor interested in carbon and efficiency to an all-around energy specialist has been quite an experience and one that we have gained immense experience from. 

Today we are a premium provider offering solutions to high end and or complex problems in both residential and commercial markets.  

To celebrate we are offering 5% off any of our installed solar packages until the end of this month.


National installation figures are reaching all-time highs but significant volume is due to a booming commercial market.  All major banks (including our finance partners Verdia) are now supportive of solar and see it as a risk-free investment capable of drastically changing a business’ cash flow.  Ecoelectric can offer a solar lease which ensures all payments are 100% tax deductible and thereby avoid messy depreciation schedules.  We are seeing large installations in the 30-500kW category been approved across just about every industry sector. 

As a business owner – how long can you afford to wait when competitors are increasing their margins by reducing overheads?

Contact us for a detailed business case geared around a quick pay off, or shoot for a cashflow positive term and own your system at the goal post.


We are seeing a range of failures on cheaper solar systems and even some that are not so cheap.  A solar system should be serviced at least every 5 years to stay ahead of potential ageing issues such as build up of debris and failing insulation to avoid the potential for fire.


Over the past few months retailers have made drastic changes to their offerings.  We are now seeing feed in tariff’s of 15c or higher from nearly all major retailers with the current winner being AGL at 20c feed in and 25.5c consumption.  These sorts of rates can make a huge difference to paying off a solar system old or new.

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