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Solar Repair and Maintenance Two

Solar Warranties Explained

WHATS IN A SOLAR WARRANTY? Confused as to what your solar system warranty covers? Well here are the nitty gritty details often covered in the fine print (or lack thereof) within the solar industry. RULE NUMBER ONE – GET IT IN WRITING If you’re not willing to check the terms and conditions, or read the warranty statement, then factor in

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Solar Safety One

When is a Solar System too cheap?

There are numerous ways a solar company can price a system down and maintain margins, whilst ensuring you the customer suffer in the long run. From ultra high fail rate inverters to fake warranties – to cheap electrical products designed to fade and crack in the sun – its a long list and very easy to miss for the untrained

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Hybrid Proprietary Bus Systems

How to Save Power | Energy Efficient Appliances

How can I start saving power? There are numerous ways you can save power without even spending any money. The best approach is to first understand where the power is been used. Most people are often surprised as to what uses the most electricity however generally people are becoming more aware. What are some practical ways to save power? First

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Solar Math | Solar Calculator

How does one calculate the output of a solar system? Its an incredibly long formula that at first glance looks incredibly complicated. But if we use average terms for some of the minor and less important factors we can quickly obtain a very accurate figure without the brain drain. Firstly the formula itself using real English rather than an engineers

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How to Compare Solar Companies?

Its a minefield out there. Companies both large and small have taken the fall due to unethical management, poor product selection, and wild regulatory changes.  How does one compare solar companies and get a valid warranty? Is it a case of ‘3 quotes’ from a trusted blogging site?  What about the biggest company on tv?  Should you go with your

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Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Design and Sizing

Illuminating Success: A Guide to Optimal Commercial Solar Design and Sizing In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the integration of sustainable practices has become a strategic necessity. Commercial solar solutions stand out as a beacon of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the critical aspects of commercial solar design and sizing, tailored for medium

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