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RE IOT – Renewable Energy Internet of Things

Today’s technology is incredibly fast paced and increasingly convergent. This movement is intensifying at logarithmic speeds with little thought for issues such as scaling or inter connectivity. Like any period of change, this brings great opportunity accompanied by great risk. Over the past couple of years we have seen several major inverter manufactures begin to foray into what was traditionally

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Solar Safety One

When is a Solar System too cheap?

There are numerous ways a solar company can price a system down and maintain margins, whilst ensuring you the customer suffer in the long run. From ultra high fail rate inverters to fake warranties – to cheap electrical products designed to fade and crack in the sun – its a long list and very easy to miss for the untrained

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Solar Hot Water or Solar PV?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is what is the most cost effective way of producing hot water and am I better off having solar PV or hot water or both? First of all the question is location and demand specific, as some areas have higher hot water demands than others. For example, if you live in

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Comparing Hybrid Battery Systems | ACCC

It seems as if a new type of hybrid battery system is hitting the market every day.  These systems are highly technical and their overly simplified specification sheets rarely provide the information required to make an accurate comparison. Advertisements are focusing on big numbers such as peak ratings at 25 degrees and terms such as ‘battery ready’ and ‘cut the

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Solar Repair and Maintenance Two

Solar Warranties Explained

WHATS IN A SOLAR WARRANTY? Confused as to what your solar system warranty covers? Well here are the nitty gritty details often covered in the fine print (or lack thereof) within the solar industry. RULE NUMBER ONE – GET IT IN WRITING If you’re not willing to check the terms and conditions, or read the warranty statement, then factor in

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EV Charging | Panels Price Drop | Grid Issues

EV CHARGINGWe are starting to see a steady stream of requests for EV chargers and have been busy looking at the market to see what works and what doesnt.  Its safe to say that not all chargers are the same.The key difference from a solar perspective is ‘Solar Surplus’ which allows you to charge your car off export solar rather

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