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Solar Safety One

When is a Solar System too cheap?

There are numerous ways a solar company can price a system down and maintain margins, whilst ensuring you the customer suffer in the long run. From ultra high fail rate inverters to fake warranties – to cheap electrical products designed to fade and crack in the sun – its a long list and very easy to miss for the untrained

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Comparing Hybrid Battery Systems | ACCC

It seems as if a new type of hybrid battery system is hitting the market every day.  These systems are highly technical and their overly simplified specification sheets rarely provide the information required to make an accurate comparison. Advertisements are focusing on big numbers such as peak ratings at 25 degrees and terms such as ‘battery ready’ and ‘cut the

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PFC Outcome

Feed In Gold | Crap Solar | Dry July

FEED IN GOLD Over the past two years, feed-in tariffs have risen from 6c to as high as 20c.  Due to this, we highly recommend that all existing customers contact their retailer to review their situation with the aim of obtaining a 15c or higher feed-in tariff. For customers considering batteries, these changes pose some interesting questions.  Why store your

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Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Is Go!

10 YEARS IN BUSINESSEcoelectric was conceived in 2008 and formally registered as a business in April of 2009.  Hence we are celebrating 10 years in business now!  Evolving from a construction contractor interested in carbon and efficiency to an all-around energy specialist has been quite an experience and one that we have gained immense experience from.  Today we are a

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Tesla Outpaced by LG Resu 6.4

Tesla. It has been a few months since our last newsletter and part of that has being considering the impact of one companies announcement and its impact on the battery market. Tesla’s revolutionary compact battery storage system which can hold power from the grid or energy sources such as solar for both homes and businesses, has exceeded all expectations with

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Hybrid Proprietary Bus Systems

How to Save Power | Energy Efficient Appliances

How can I start saving power? There are numerous ways you can save power without even spending any money. The best approach is to first understand where the power is been used. Most people are often surprised as to what uses the most electricity however generally people are becoming more aware. What are some practical ways to save power? First

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