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System Size (kW) :
Daily Production (kWhr) :
Daily Savings @ 30c :
Annual Savings :
System Cost Estimate :
Payback Period (Yrs) :
Return on Investment :

This calculator suggests a size for your solar system based off your bill and percentage of day time usage. Some notes on this calculator. The bill amount must be your main tariff total exclusive of any other charges such as meter reading. If you enter the figure exclusive of GST then be sure to enter the tariff as exclusive of GST also.
If you have a swimming pool or electric hot water system then it is best if these items are put onto the solar PV so you can add them into the amount. These items will use roughly 6-8kWhr per day each which roughly equates to a 1.5-2kW solar system per item.


Loan Amount ($) :
Daily Production (kWhr) :
Daily Savings @ 30c :
Montly Savings :
Annual Savings :
Monthly Repayments :
Total Loan Cost :
Monthly Bill Difference :

Want to know how much you would pay for a solar system using finance? Upfront? Per month? Over the whole term? Simply enter thew size of system youre after and it will calculate your costs based on standard install costs. The calculator will also show you the difference in your monthly bills with finance included. As you will see in most cases your bills will be less even during the finance period!


Hourly Usage (kWHr) :
Hourly Cost ($) :
Daily Cost ($) :
Annual Cost ($) :

A simple calculator which can be used to show power usage for a particular item. It takes an input of watts but if you want to use amps simply multiply the number by 240V and you have watts. The calculator will show power usage and running costs.


Daily Usage (Old kWhrs) :
Daily Usage (New kWhrs) :
Daily Usage (Old $) :
Daily Usage (New $) :
Annual Savings :
Lamp Cost Estimate ($) :
Payback Period (Yrs) :
Return on Investment (%) :

All of us are wary of the upfront cost of LED, but the technology has now well and truly stabilized and it is time to swap out those old power hungry lamps. At the very least you should be changing them to LED as the old ones blow. This calculator shows the savings generated by making a move to LED.


Room Size (m2) :
System Size (kW) :

Looking at air conditioning? Like to know what size unit you need? Simply enter your room measurements and that of any western windows and you will have your answer!