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Air Conditioning

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ZMXA range of hyper inverter air conditioners are some of the most efficient units on the market. These air conditioners will use some 60% less power than a standard air conditioner and up to 20% less than a standard inverter driven unit.

2/2.5kW will run off 350-450W
2.4/3.1 will run off 490-595W
3.5/4.3 will run off 840-960W
5/6.2 will run off 1300-1360W
6/6.2 will run off 1670-1860W

The MHI 2/2.5 will pull just 4.8kWh of energy if run for 12 hours ie all night long.

Mitsubishi AC Units

Washing Machines

There is a handy calculator here which does an excellent job of comparing washing machines and showing total running costs; Washing Machine Calculator

Vacuum Cleaner

Battery operated vacuum cleaners are the new trend and no one does it better than Dyson. The real advantage here is you can plan when it will draw power rather than placing an intermittent peak load onto the energy system.

Dyson Vacuum

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