ABB are a Swiss-German behemoth and one of the largest electrical manufactures in the world.  They are also a worldwide top 500 company and have a history dating back to the humble circuit breaker some 125 years ago.  ABB inverters have one of the strongest warranty and service offerings on the market and are packed with intelligent features second to none.

ABB inverters are extremely configurable providing alternatives for even the toughest of grid or design conditions. With adjustable start up and overload parameters ABB inverters are able to be reconfigured where necessary to meet challenging installation requirements.

A Power One inverter also offers exceptional performance in the traditional areas of inverter specification such as ultra fast MPPT tracking, very high conversion efficiency (97%+) and overall excellent production. Their range covers the entire spectrum from ‘UNO’ and ‘TRIO’ domestic models both single and three phase right up to central inverters used in the megawatt utility category, in some of the largest installations all over the world including front runners Germany. All ABB inverters feature reactive power control therefore meeting the latest supply authority requirements.


ABB DC Isolator

Due to ABB being one of the most highly regarded electrical companies in the world, we combine their inverters with ABB switch gear from top to bottom to provide a consistently high-quality finish that is guaranteed to ensure peace of mind for years to come. To see our range of solar systems using the Aurora inverters, click here.